vis-à-vision: the third edition of TedxVicenza

Vis-à-Vision is about our personal encounter with the future, a glimpse of tomorrow. It means to be brave and open for discussion, to drive further, to imagine long term projects, where the concept of vision assumes multiple meanings. To reinterpret the myth of the words carpe diem, finding comfort only in the enclosing walls of the present, is way too easy. What we are really missing is the ability to believe in what’s coming, to try a different way than our way, to give space to new possibilities. The “Here and Now” concept structures our daily experience, giving us little time to catch a sight of our reflection in the mirror, to confront ourselves with what we really see and to start designing our future selves. Vis-à-Vision wants to gift us of a new perspective, pushing us beyond the immediacy of the present, broadening our gaze, pushing our boundaries further. Becoming aware of today’s world allows us to get closer to a new vision of the future with enthusiasm and confidence.

Vis-à-Vision reminds us to take the time to really look at ourselves and to realize we can be brave enough to act, that we are the ones who can make a difference. To act means to imagine and build change with curiosity and passion. Innovative ideas are risky but they have the power to expand our view and give our lives new directions. Today, we can play a part in our tomorrow. With Vis-à-Vision we expose ourselves, facing fearlessly  the times to come, so we can look for new stimuli and new experiences from a whole new perspective. Vis-à-Vision gives us the strength to challenge ourselves; it’s a mirror that not only reflects who we are today, but it is able to show us what we could be, inspiring us.

Vis-à-Vision is a play on words, symbolizing the necessity of debate in order to broaden our horizons. It represents the willingness to use today to better tomorrow. We want to reflect constructively  about the future, our place in it and what mark we will leave in this world. “Here and Now” is not enough anymore: it is time to look further.

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TED which stands for Technology, Entertainment, DesignTED (acronym for Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a nonprofit organization born in 1984 in California, aimed to bring the most original minds and innovative ideas – from the global and local dimension – all in one place. Its mission can be resumed by the motto “ideas worth spreading” as TED believes strongly in the power that ideas have to change the behaviour and life of people, allowing them to relate to each other. TED events are attended by outstanding personalities like Bill Gates, the Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Bono Vox, Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Richard Branson, Al Gore, Stephen Hawking, Isabel Allende, Jane Goodall, and hundreds of other influential intellectuals and opinion leaders. Their interventions are then made available, for free on the site to ensure that their messages can be disseminated all around the world.


In the spirit of spreading ideas, TEDxVicenza is one of the biggest TEDx event in Italy. The Team has one clear aim: let inspiring ideas and original stories be for everyone. That’s why speaker and performers will share their strong emotional impact experiences on the stage through which we would like to make our audience reflect on their vision of a long-term future vision.

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