Beyond TEDxVicenza… TEDx in Italy!

Beyond TEDxVicenza… TEDx in Italy!

It’s less than 40 days before TEDxVicenza… Meanwhile, the Italian TEDx world added several events, the most recent one being TEDxPadova, on  Saturday, May 16, at Palazzo della Ragione in Piazza delle Erbe; this event gives us the chance to talk a little about TEDx in Italy!

The theme for TEDxVicenza “thinks big” at TEDxPadova!

Time flies and it’s just a little over a month before TEDx Vicenza. It’s time to close ranks and put on the next gear, in fact the whole team is grinding away, to offer the city the best experience possible.

Every now and then it’s okay to take a break, while still keeping a TED perspective. So last Saturday most of us from TEDx Vicenza decided to participate to TEDxPadova, enjoying the hard work of our neighbors, while supporting our founder Benedetta Piva, who is also a member of the Padova team. It was a nice day, inspiring, in the spirit of the “think big” concept, the theme for this year’s TEDx Padova. This event definitely broaden our horizons, both individually and as a team and inspired us to think big on our future and for our upcoming TEDxVicenza.

TEDx in Italy!

In the last few months our team participated to other Italian TEDx events: we sat back and enjoyed ideas worth spreading in Bergamo, Bologna, Milano, Trento and Verona. Why not give an overview on TEDx events in Italy then?

The interest for TEDx is confirmed by now by the very high numbers of participants to all the events. In Italy, especially, TEDx is an established feature, that adds on to new cities every year: from Catania to Trento, passing Matera, Lecce, Napoli, Roma, Pisa, Reggio Emilia and Bologna; from Venezia to Torino, via Padova, Vicenza, Verona, Bergamo, Como and Milano. To participate to these TEDx events are students and startuppers, entrepreneurs and professionals from various fields, all together to talk and experience a different way to network: through ideas. These are people that want to instill passion through their ideas and share with others the projects they believe in. The one for TEDx is a growing interest, as proven by the more than a million views of Frederic Kaplan’s talk on the international TED website, that happened at the 2013 TEDx of Ca Foscari University in Venezia .

Behind every event there is a very active community, a lot of hard work from volunteers and organizers that are moved by passion and just a pinch of recklessness; they aim to spread concrete ideas, outside the box concepts to all of those who cross their paths.

The «TEDxers» live by the philosophy of «think & act differently», to build and facilitate the connection between ideas and local community. They are a strong and united team with a lot of common goals, proud to work consistently towards a better future.

Looking forward to TEDxVicenza!

And so sharing ideas worth spreading is putting roots in all our beautiful territories, hoping to guide them towards a better future. Us from TEDxVicenza are proud to be a part of this incredible community: with “Planting the seeds” we all put roots in our city and grow them even further.

See you on June 27 at the Teatro Olimpico!

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