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Victor Perez, director and special effects artist, tells us that when your destiny calls, you must answer, just as Luke Skywalker did. ...
Digital entrepreneur, social media strategist & analyst: Emanuela Zaccone, co-founder and marketing manager for, the social network for sports fans; she writes for Digitalic, Wired and Nòva de il Sole 24 Ore. On October 22, 2016 she was a speaker for TEDxBologna, with the most social talk of the event: "We are Screens"....
If we think of bees and their hives, where do we imagine them? Definitely not on a New York skyscraper! This is Andrew Coté's TEDTalk from TEDxVicenza 2016....
Stephen Hicks presents his project for the realization of a pair of smart-glasses, to better the ability to see for the legally blind. ...