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There is only one thing that can really make the difference between light and darkness: technology. But, just by itself, technology is not enough. This is why it is important to help the community and get on the path towards development analyzing what the community really needs, helping them from the inside and using local resources....
David Monacchi, eco-acoustic composer and researcher, has been collecting fragments of this very important acoustic environmental heritage, before it becomes extinct. To do so, he does 3D soundscape recordings of ecosystems with the highest rate of biodiversity: the Amazons, Africa and Borneo....
Camilla started a blog called Mio figlio in rosa, (My son in pink), where she shares her experience, trying to document it and to spread knowledge about the topic of gender fluid, a thematic we know so little about and that, in some cases, becomes a tabù. Have a look at her talk at TEDxVicenza 2017....