The Art of Designing New Perspectives

The Art of Designing New Perspectives

Daniel Disselkoen, who studied law and philosophy, is today one of the most established visual and interactive artist. His ideas are fueled by curiosity, along with the firm conviction that in everyday life there is always something new to discover.

Daniel is able to show us our everyday surroundings with new eyes and, together with his team of developers, he breaks the constraints imposed by a single action, transforming it into a chance for community interaction. How? Thanks to technology and everyday objects.

What would happen if you could turn the act of making a selfie into a social activity?

Let’s find out Daniel’s vis-à-vision, who made his ideas come true on the stage through his inspiring talk at TEDxVicenza 2017.

Before Daniel Disselkoen studied at the Royal Academy of Art in the Netherlands, he had already read his share of textbooks, while studying law and philosophy. One day, he realized he didn’t want his own ideas to be tucked away in journals. Today, Daniel is one of the leading interactive artists of his generation. Daniel runs Headmade: a concept studio where he and his team turn thoughts into tangibles. His ongoing fascination in social behaviour and interactions result in playful interventions in the everyday life. Daniel believes curiosity trumps routine.