Time is a gentleman (by Anna Piratti)

Time is a gentleman (by Anna Piratti)

Just a minute after I accepted the invitation to participate to the first edition of TEDxVicenza, I thought to myself:’And now what…?’

The problem was the Olimpico. The Teatro Olimpico of Vicenza! A sensitive target. The most ancient covered theatre in the world, a space I have studied and loved, that stands for quality, for beauty… I felt lightheaded. To think about the Olimpico influenced the way I prepared for my talk. A place as beautiful as this demanded only my best.

In the months I prepared for the event I met my coaches, first through calls and Skype calls and then in person, about a month before the big day. I was starting to perceive a certain style, or better, a certain work ethic that excited me. I just had a feeling, but I steered clear from letting that feeling become an opinion so fast. I thought to myself, I better wait. Here we are: It’s the day before the big day. I meet the other speakers for the first time. We get acquainted and get along. Preparations are in full swing, the volunteers of the TEDx Vicenza staff take great care of us and of everything else.

There’s excitement in the air but the atmosphere is also calm.

The next day I am in front of the Olimpico, that unforgettable moment: my coach puts his hand on my shoulder, takes it off when they call my name. It’s time!

After some time, I can definitely say that my first impression was right. That feeling, that I couldn’t name at the time, is called coherence.  With the theme Planting the seeds in mind, the commission put together people with different backgrounds and professions, very far from each other, with the obvious intent to create a space for sharing, interact, a common ground to grow ideas.

In my opinion, the most precious seed planted was the speakers selection, to put together those brains, that sensitivity.

Personally, this was an incredible opportunity, I would say one of a kind, to meet people with such different backgrounds.

In a time of knowledge segmentation and super specialization, to meet in a sacred place that belongs to the Italian heritage to talk about my own research, listen to others and share impressions and ideas, is a precious opportunity. Since if it is absolutely true that we can connect everywhere and with anyone, it is also true that this happens mainly virtually and lacks certain qualities.

Can anything compare to a chat with Chiara Montanari sitting on a rock wall, fanning ourselves with a TEDx brochure because it was so hot?

An experience like this is already paying off. Many more seeds planted are sprouting. The Planting the seeds edition is not over yet, it really just started. I suggest you pay attention and keep an eye on us, to follow the next developments. 

There’s no rush. Time is a gentleman.

(Article written by Anna Piratti for TEDxVicenza)

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