What are TED and TEDx?

What are TED and TEDx?


Every year, on the west coast of the United States, an event called TED takes place. More than a thousand people participate to this five days conference, that focuses on TechnologyEntertainment and Design and so much more; in fact, the event deals also with science, business, art, and the global problems that afflict our world.

On the main stage of TED, speakers take turns presenting their TEDtalks, that can last 18 minutes max each. There’s room also for music and art performances on the TED stage. All TEDtalks are available for free on ted.com and on its Youtube channel.

TED (which stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design) is a non-profit organization, aiming to spread ideas that can change the world, since 1984.

The creator of this format, architect and designer Richard Saul Wurman, founded the organization TED together with Harry Marks, typographer and broadcast designer.
Since TED is a non-profit organization, it uses the collaboration of volunteers who want to take part in the project. Anyone can submit an application on the TED’s website for someone that has an important idea they think is worth spreading through the TED platform.

PS: Of course you can nominate yourself as well… ^_^

There is a global community that translates talks, so that these important ideas are accessible to anyone in the world.

Today, talks are translated in 115 languages, and there are 117.502 translations, thanks to the 28.395 volunteers spread across the globe.


TED becomes eventually known even outside the USA, to the point of becoming a format for events available (only after being granted the license) for cities all around the world. These events are called TEDx, where “x” stands for TED event, independently organized.The first TEDx event happened in 2009.

Official stats reveal that, as of today, 21.267 TEDx events where organized, and another 1.914 are to be expected in the nearby future.

How does it work? TED gives some guidelines to follow in the planning of each local event.

In 4 words: think global, act local.

WHAT IS TEDxVicenza?

TEDxVicenza starts in 2015 thanks to the founder Benedetta Piva.

Every year more volunteers full of enthusiasm make the decision to become part of a team made of people that work in all sorts of different fields. The group grows, becoming more and more aware of their role and of the importance of putting together an event that can spread values that can make a difference in the community.

In 2015, we planted the seed of ideas, with  TEDxVicenza Planting the seeds .

In 2016, with Play.Pause.Restart> we emphasized the importance of self-renewal, for our selves and our community.

With vis-à-vision, our theme for the 2017 edition, we projected ourselves towards the future.

And in 2018? For now, we can only tell you we will be more active and present in the community, with bigger projects to realize. Because, truly, the sky is our limit…!

TEDxVicenza 2017 in numbers:

Streaming visualizations:

Facebook live
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on tedxvicenza.com

Numbers from our Social Media:

 373 photos

158 active users

+35k posts visualizations

899 photos

+2,6k tweets

+2,6k between retweets and mentions

149k organic visualizations

2580 reactions

16k visualizations for some of the posts during the event

Sources: Facebook Insights, Instagram and Twitter, SNA from @Dr_Who, SocialMeter analysis.