From ME to WE: the 4th edition of TEDxVicenza

Saturday June 9th

The world is made of ideas.

Ideas change our lives, fill us with passion, open the doors to new possibilities. We are made of ideas: ours, and the ones of those around us. Ideas make us feel alive, giveus the power to ignite small, big cultural revolutions towards unexplored paths. But an idea isn’t worth anything if it isn’t shared. An idea can’t be implemented if not by a group, a team. This is why shifting the focus from one to many is a challenge that is important and essential. In fact, it’s so much more: it’s a necessity.


Sometimes a small detail can make all the difference, rerouting fate on a new, magic journey. Even one letter can change everything. From ME to WE changes the consonants of the future by transforming one in many, opening our eyes, paving the way meant to be walked on by a community, not by just one person. From ME to WE, the 4th edition of TEDxVicenza, doesn’t want to just show a vision of change. It wants to make change happen.


New in 2018: the 2018 edition will evolve and innovate through other events throughout the year that will involve partners, speakers, ex speakers and the whole community of TEDxVicenza.

TEDxVicenza 2018 hosts

Jessica Polsky

Daniele Doesn’t Matter

From ME to WE, the theme chosen for the 2018 edition of TEDxVicenza, changes the consonants of the future by transforming one in many, opening our eyes, paving the way meant to be walked on by a community, not by just one person.


After Paola Maugeri, Neri Marcorè and Giovanni Vernia, we are excited to announce who will be hosting the event this year: the hostess of this new edition is Jessica Polsky, which will have a co-host, Daniele Doesn’t Matter.


Get to know them a little bit better here.

The Speakers of TEDxVicenza 2018

The Partners of TEDxVicenza 2018


What is TED?

TED which stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. TED (acronym for Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a nonprofit organization born in 1984 in California, aimed to bring the most original minds and innovative ideas – from the global and local dimension – all in one place. Its mission can be resumed by the motto “ideas worth spreading” as TED believes strongly in the power that ideas have to change the behaviour and life of people, allowing them to relate to each other. TED events are attended by outstanding personalities like Bill Gates, the Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Bono Vox, Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Richard Branson, Al Gore, Stephen Hawking, Isabel Allende, Jane Goodall, and hundreds of other influential intellectuals and opinion leaders. Their interventions are then made available, for free on the site to ensure that their messages can be disseminated all around the world.

What is TEDxVicenza?

In the spirit of spreading ideas, TEDxVicenza is one of the biggest TEDx event in Italy. The Team has one clear aim: let inspiring ideas and original stories be for everyone. That’s why speaker and performers will share their strong emotional impact experiences on the stage through which we would like to make our audience reflect on their vision of a long-term future vision.

From the blog of TEDxVicenza


  • ...

  • Did you purchase a Romeo ticket and you don't know where to eat on the lunch break? Here are some suggestions from our team!...

  • During the event on June 9th you will be able to listen to the TEDxVicenza talks translations on your smartphone. To use this service just download the dedicated app (iOS and Android) from

TEDx Guest Posts

  • In this post, Tommaso Corà talks about digital contents, which are not an alternative to the real environment, they can instead widen the experience and open new possibilities and solutions in all fields, from retail to education, from entertainment to museums....

  • Digital entrepreneur, social media strategist & analyst: Emanuela Zaccone, co-founder and marketing manager for, the social network for sports fans; she writes for Digitalic, Wired and Nòva de il Sole 24 Ore. On October 22, 2016 she was a speaker for TEDxBologna, with the most social talk of the event: "We are Screens"....

  • Is it still original (and useful) to discuss Digital Culture? We introduce Maria Cristina Pizzato, blogger and inbound marketing consultant, who helps companies and professionals to better their online presence. ...

  • The ability to connect the dots, to build the Strategy of Tomorrow. T+E+D: it's the integration between these three variables that makes projects successful. ...

TEDxVicenza Talks

  • Sticking with our theme Play.Pause.Restart, after the pause following the event, it is now time to restart by sharing with the world the TedxVicenza 2016 talks. ...

  • Victor Perez, director and special effects artist, tells us that when your destiny calls, you must answer, just as Luke Skywalker did. ...

  • Stephen Hicks presents his project for the realization of a pair of smart-glasses, to better the ability to see for the legally blind. ...

TEDxVicenza Team

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