The first edition of TEDxVicenza focuses on the theme “Planting the seeds”. Life experiences, inventions and thoughts will be under the spotlight on this day dedicated to expand knowledge. These shared ideas will blossom in each individual’s mind, becoming nourishment for its personal growth, as it happens for well planted seeds. TEDxVicenza is an opportunity to give back to the city of Vicenza some interesting food for thought on several topical subjects and a new gateway to discover a world that has yet to unleash its full potential.

Some of the projects and ideas that will be shared were conceived and developed in Vicenza, while others come from far away. The topics space from technology, architecture, nutrition, medicine, the environment and society, without overlooking also history, culture, territory. TEDxVicenza therefore becomes the catalyst event of individual experiences, as well as the platform to spark debates on possible new scenarios, that have roots  in Vicenza, that can then grow  in new ways trough the TEDx global net.


Paola Maugeri

Writer and Show Host

Paola Maugeri, from Sicily with love, is the point of reference when it comes to broadcast music journalism, she is the face of MTV and was renamed Wikipaola because of her broad music culture. She did over 1200 interviews around the world, revealing the secrets of some of the biggest rock stars of all times. She is a radio host on Virgin Radio Long Playing Stories.
Passionate about environmental matters, ecologist at heart, she decided, four years ago, together with her family, to live totally green for a whole year. This experience was  filmed by Rai3. Paola shared this unforgettable experience in her book, published by Mondadori, “La mia vita a impatto zero”, that brought her around Italy for over two hundred meetings and conferences.
Followed by many on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, Paola shows how it is possible to live without waste, respecting ourselves, our body and our planet. She has been a vegan for over 16 years.
Paola is from Catania and speaks fluently three different languages.
In February of 2014 she was invited to give her first TEDx Talk, an international recognition given only to the leading minds of our times.
On March 18 her book “Las Vegans“ came out, her latest on vegan recipes and food philosophy. It hit first in the charts and had five reprints in just a few months. On July 14 Mondadori will also publish “Alla salute!“, her latest book on food philosophy and overall well-being.
She is in love, she is a mom and lives in Milan.

The video of the event