May 7 2016 | Municipal Theatre of Vicenza

“In all, there were three things: the certainty one is always beginning , the certainty one must go further, and the certainty that one will be interrupted before finishing.”

Fernando Pessoa

Play.Pause.Restart Play Pause restart focuses on the need of constant renewal. Innovation needs the courage to take risk, to prove ourselves with a dash of improvisation.
TEDxVicenza 2016 will bring on stage stories of change and ideas, that shake the status quo feeding the desire of discovery. A dynamic theme that embraces innovation, technology, art, music, entertainment, sport and sciences all mixed with constant curiosity and will to go further. To be effective and lead to real changes, the dynamic nature of Play.Pause.Restart cannot leave the Pause aside. The latter becomes a discussion aimed to collect new energies required for the third moment, the restart, driven by what the previous action has created in the wake of future actions.

Spreading stories and ideas that can be a source of inspiration is the main goal of TED. Speakers and performers will be called to share their experiences on stage in a Play.Pause.Restart way.
Speech alternation becomes an emotional experience allowing the 016 edition of TEDxVicenza, to convey to the audience the concept of action, pause and restart leaving free interpretation of the messages. As for music, where rhythm imposes breaks that allow to give meaning to the note sequence also experiences and ideas process.

What's TED ?


TED which stands for Technology, Entertainment, DesignTED (acronym for Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a nonprofit organization born in 1984 in California, aimed to bring the most original minds and innovative ideas – from the global and local dimension – all in one place. Its mission can be resumed by the motto “ideas worth spreading” as TED believes strongly in the power that ideas have to change the behaviour and life of people, allowing them to relate to each other.

TED events are attended by outstanding personalities like Bill Gates, the Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Bono Vox, Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Richard Branson, Al Gore, Stephen Hawking, Isabel Allende, Jane Goodall, and hundreds of other influential intellectuals and opinion leaders. Their interventions are then made available, for free on the www.ted.com site to ensure that their messages can be disseminated all around the world


In the spirit of spreading ideas, TEDx events are local events organized independently, aimed to infuse the TED spirit and experience to a wider audience.

The Speakers of TEDxVicenza 2016

The event was presented by

Neri Marcorè

Actor and anchor

His multifunctional artistic temperament allowed him to build over time a commendable career, that spaces from television and movies to the theatre, the radio and dubbing.
Known to the public for his participation in tv broadcasts like L’Ottavo NanoMai dire domenicaCiroParla con me and for his ten years presenting Per un pugno di libri, Marcoré never stopped acting in the theatre, with incredible success; for example, Un certo Signor G, by Giorgio Gaber, won the Biglietto d’Oro for the 2007/2008 season.
At the movies, in 2003, he gets nominated for the David of Donatello, thanks to his performance in Il cuore altrove, by Pupi Avati  and he won the Nastro d’Argento for Best Actor. In the fall of 2006 he impersonates Pope Luciani in the series of the same name, on Rai Uno. Then follows the successful series Tutti pazzi per amore, where he plays Michele. He also played a part in the movie The tourist, with Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie, and in Tous les soleils, a French production where he plays the odd brother of Stefano Accorsi.

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