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Among all the recipes received, we selected four that will be made during our evento on June 9th 2018, so the audience can also enjoy them. We will be sharing ideas (and food!) in the spirit of TED and From ME to WE....
Did you purchase a Romeo ticket and you don't know where to eat on the lunch break? Here are some suggestions from our team!...
During the event on June 9th you will be able to listen to the TEDxVicenza talks translations on your smartphone. To use this service just download the dedicated app (iOS and Android) from
For this fourth edition, on Saturday, June 9 2018 at the Teatro Comunale, we have decided to shif the focus from one to many, a challenge that is important and essential because, sometimes, a small detail can make all the difference, even just one letter (Me/We)....
Adam Ben Ezra is a force of nature, able to make a room full of strangers in fans for life. More than a talk, his performance is destined to stay in the audience’s hearts. TEDxVicenza 2017 couldn’t end any better....