Fragments of extinction

Fragments of extinction

Since he was a young boy, David Monacchi loved listening to the sounds of nature and to the different noises of the woods where he was born. He decided to record them, so that other people could be amazed by the polyphony of the surrounding ecosystem.
Who knows if back then, that young boy already dreamed of transforming his passion in his profession. First a musician, then an eco-acoustic researcher, today he is a sound designer composer. Davide teaches electroacoustic music and studies the world of the sounds of nature, using state of the art tech equipment. He has been studying and recording the sounds of uncontaminated ecosystems for over 15 years.

From a composer who created music, I became the one who looks for it in nature, preserves it  and reintroduces it to the world.

In 2002, in a remote area of the Amazon, David had the first confirmation of his theories: a natural acoustic order exists, and it is the concrete result of the vital processes of the ecosystem. Insects, birds, reptiles: all the different species play a different part of the symphony, made of acoustic signals, each one with a specific vital purpose.
A very strong phenomenon, yet so fragile, that could disappear with time.

Do ecosystems have an acoustic intelligence?

The project Fragments of Extinction tries to answer this question. David Monacchi has been collecting fragments of this very important acoustic environmental heritage, before it becomes extinct. To do so, he does 3D soundscape recordings of ecosystems with the highest rate of biodiversity: the Amazons, Africa and Borneo, areas lacking of the human presence, that would contaminate its pureness.
Fragments of Extinction wants to capture evolution through the sounds of nature, to preserve it for the future generations, while creating awareness on the catastrophic silence caused by the disappearing of the the primeval landscapes hosting these sounds; main contributing factor is the climate change that we are all experiencing.

It is through sound that the vital essence of the ecosystems is revealed.

David Monacchi offered more than a simple talk on the stage of  TEDx Vicenza 2017: the Teatro Comunale transformed into a magic time machine, and the audience was immersed in an incredible experience, made of sounds, stories, images and… darkness.

Because, with our eyes closed, our minds can truly see. The sounds can reach our souls, telling us this story that began millions of years ago, in a unique and timeless way.

David Monacchi (1970) is an eco-acoustic composer, researcher and interdisciplinary artist. He has been developing the project Fragments of Extinction for 15 years, conducting field research in the world’s remaining areas of undisturbed primary equatorial forest. The recipient of multiple awards throughout Europe and North America, Monacchi is pioneering a new approach to scientific dissemination and composition based on 3D soundscape recordings of ecosystems to create awareness on the biodiversity crisis through educational and sound-art installations. A Fulbright fellow at UC Berkeley (CA) in 2007, he has taught at the University of Macerata (IT) since 2000, and is now professor of Electroacoustics at the Conservatorio “G. Rossini” of Pesaro (IT).

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