Mio figlio in rosa

Mio figlio in rosa

When Camilla Vivian was asked with what title she wanted to present herself with to the audience of TEDx Vicenza, she had no doubt: “mom”. There is no other word that could better describe the person she is today and her story.

A story that, on the surface, could seem like many others. Photographer, interpreter, mother of three lovely children: Camilla’s life sounds typical, if it wasn’t for her second born of eight years old. Since he was very little, he identified himself as a girl, even if biologically born as a boy.
Camilla walked him through and always supported him in the search of his identity, by studying, documenting herself and often going against the standards that society sets for boys and girls.

This is why Camilla started a blog called Mio figlio in rosa, (My son in pink), where she shares her experience, trying to document it and to spread knowledge about the topic of gender fluid, a thematic we know so little about and that, in some cases, becomes a tabù.
Mio figlio in rosa – that soon will become a book – represents the chance to open up, learn and a real point of reference in Italy, for all the families living the same reality as Camilla.

Dignity has no age.

Camilla’s talk on the stage of TEDx Vicenza 2017 was intense, in the spirit of dignity with no age and that can’t put up with prejudices.
In front of the question “Do you feel more like a boy or a girl?” we are all the same. The hardest answer is also the truest, the only one that really matters: “I am who I am”.

Camilla was raised in several different places in the world; she is a photographer, an English interpreter but, most of all, she is a mom of three wonderful children. In September 2016 she decides to start a blog called Mio figlio in rosa, to tell the story of her family and how they deal with their eight year old boy, who also feels like he is a girl. After years of studies on this topic and comparisons with families from other countries, she decided it is time to talk about gender fluid, a very hard topic to bring up in a country like Italy. The blog draws the attention of the readers and of the media. She is now finishing the book that will tell her story and she is also dedicating herself to other projects, like the creation of an association that helps families like hers to feel “normal”.

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