The power of WE: re-defining the fashion industry

The power of WE: re-defining the fashion industry

“Give yourself a chance”, someone told him one day.
Matteo Ward decided to use this chance not only for himself, but for a vision that will forever change his life and the ones of many others.

A degree in Economy from the Bocconi University in Milan, a job in London in a fashion company he loved, one of the most famous in the world: at only 23 years old Matteo already had a career well underway, destined to success. Still, not all that glitters is gold. Matteo got to experience the other side of the fashion system, discovering a reality that wasn’t so glamorous. This, together with the desire to make a positive impact on others, brought Matteo to ask himself an unavoidable question.

When did price tags on the clothes we buy became more important than the lives of the people that make them?

The fashion industry is today one of the most exhaustive industries of natural and human resources, second only to the oil industry. Matteo realizes something then. Or rather, he had a new vision, that aims to create a revolutionary change. “What we wear doesn’t represent us anymore: do we want to wear something that kills our planet and the creatures that live in it? I don’t! We have to think of a new fashion system that is able to preserve our natural resources and that safeguards the lives of the people that feed it.”

We are not just wearing clothes, we wear also the history and the lives of the people that make them.

This is how WRÅD was born, a movement and a purpose brand, that wants to spread awareness towards a more sustainable fashion, that believes that respect for people and for the planet should be the core of the fashion industry.

WRÅD is not a brand, it’s our call to action!

Matteo Ward brought his story on the stage of TEDxVicenza 2017, shared in a talk that is a true call to participate in this change. Because we can’t just look the other way: the power to change things is only ours, and we need to use it now.

Matteo Ward is one of the co-founders of WRÅD, a project focused on bringing a radical change in the fashion industry. To define this as a brand, would be putting boundaries to Matteo’s mission: Wrad, in fact, is not a brand, it’s a call to action. Matteo began to reconsider his position in the fashion industry after realizing its negative global impact: fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world. In 2015 he decided to quit his job at Abercrombie & Fitch, driven by purpose and wanting to be an active part of a change. WRÅD soon grew as a collaboration of people ready to revolutionize the world of fashion, by stepping up in the name of positive change. In a matter of months, institutional partners, supporters, investors, contributors joined the movement. WRÅD’s destination? To catalyse the rise of livable fashion. Fashion that emphasises the life of the natural and human resources behind it in order to guarantee a future for the generations to come. A lifestyle for those who simply care, act and impact. For those who aspire to live in a wrad way, for livable change.

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