Charisma as a way to see the world

Charisma as a way to see the world

What does charisma have to do with international politics?

Sergio Imparato, teacher of foreign policies and political philosophy at Harvard University, tried to answer this question in an original and passionate talk on the stage of TEDxVicenza. He guided the audience through the discovery of the different original meanings of the idea of charisma. An idea that offers different visions of the european and international political context.

Depending on how we look at it, charisma can extend our vision to a different view of the world.

From the father of modern sociology  Max Weber – first to introduce the definition of charisma as we intend it today –, to Saint Paul – who believed that charisma is a series of gifts from the spirit to men, to build a community  –, talking also about undiscussed leaders in sports, politics, art, culture, Sergio introduced us to a simple yet complicated topic, allowing us to see beyond the obvious distinction between a leader and a follower.

A group is willing to accept a leader as charismatic authority, only if it sees in him extraordinary qualities.

On the stage of the Teatro Comunale di Vicenza, Sergio Imparato shed new light to a concept that is important not only in our everyday life, but has determined history. Past, present and future.

Sergio Imparato teaches American foreign policy and political philosophy at Harvard University, in the US. He earned his PhD in political science from the Istituto Italiano di Scienze Umane of Florence and earned his philosophy degree at the Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele of Milan. In the past he was a Visiting Scholar at Cambridge University in England and an assistant stagiaire for the European Parliament.

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