The future of acoustic customization

The future of acoustic customization

Freelance designer, entrepreneur and artist, Luca Alessandrini has patented a new technology that allows to customize the acoustic properties of materials.

For the first time today we can talk about a new concept: acoustic customization.

Thanks to this innovative approach to materials’ design, two violins and a bass amp made out of silk have been made, spider silk and carbon fiber to be exact. Astonishing instruments that caught the attention of several world-renowned musicians and important media, like the BBC, the Times and Al Jazeera.

I choose the violin as a provocation, because it is the most iconic and unaltered instrument, that I have never been able to play and, mostly, because it is one of the hardest to realize.

Alessandrini’s innovation is in the choice to put together different materials, all with different properties, thanks to a technology that expresses the acoustic of the materials to the max, as never before. Luca chose silk non just for its intrinsic properties, but also because it belongs to the world of classical music.

In this material we find the archetype of what is valuable, fine, classic and ancient.

Amongst other things spider silk, extremely rare and valuable, is one of the strongest material in the world – five times more than steel –, besides being one of the most elastic material.
Thanks to his discovery, Luca received a prestigious recognition as the most innovative international student in London in 2016 from major Sadiq Khan and from London & Partners.

The renowned violinist Peter Sheppard Skaerved declared: “Being able to come into contact with the prototypes developed by Luca filled me with enthusiasm. This approach offers an incredible opportunity to take a step forward in the making of musical instruments, using new materials in a way that I have been looking forward to for a long time now.”

The violin created by Luca Alessandrini is able to cover a wider range of harmonic than a Stradivari, the ultimate violin. An extraordinary prototype, that enchanted the audience of TEDxVicenza 2017 with a powerful performance.

I live for research, mentorship and to create awareness on water management, virtual water, land grabbing and sustainability of the food system. I am a co-curator of the book “The water we eat” (Ed. Ambiente), which explains the indissoluble link between water and food. With a master in development economics – School of Oriental and African Studies – and a PhD in geography – King’s College London – in these years I have been collaborating with Tony Allan (water guru) and with the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology, IUAV University of Venice, Rome Tre University, City University London, CMCC, BCFN Foundation. Originally from Rome, I live in Zurich with my husband Luca, dreaming of a farm that will be a hub for co-production, exchange and discovery of food sustainability.

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