The difference between light and darkness

The difference between light and darkness

Energy makes the world go around. Not only the one where we live in, but also the one of ideas. When we think about the future, ways to make it better for those who will come after us, we cannot overlook the importance of the development of renewable energy.

We live in a world that is incredibly fast paced.

Francesco Venturini, CEO of Enel Green Power, shared on the stage of TEDxVicenza 2017 what it means to create an environment for development in the communities, to trigger the need for energy, to obtain new growth.

Let’s ignite the fuse of development in the continent.

Enel is approaching the topic of electrification in those countries that don’t have access to energy, believing that it is necessary to have a sustainable local development, when it comes to both energy solutions and professional competences. This is a project that is extremely tied with immigration, a topic that is becoming more and more important.

It’s hard to break the vicious cycle of darkness.

There is only one thing that can really make the difference between light and darkness: technology. But, just by itself, technology is not enough. This is why it is important to help the community and get on the path towards development analyzing what the community really needs, helping them from the inside and using local resources. The aim, in fact, is to speak to the immigrants from Africa that want to voluntarily go back to their country, offering them assistance developing personal skills to be applied in a growing sector in their home country.

Francesco Venturini, in his brilliant talk, proved how an idea, as good as it can be, can’t work by itself. To become successful, this idea has to be able to stand by itself, bringing concrete benefits to people. The rest is just utopia.

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