TEDx talks in your language

This year remember to bring your smartphone and headphones to TEDxVicenza!

Do you want to listen to to the talks in your language?

During the event on June 9th you will be able to listen to the TEDxVicenza talks translations on your smartphone. To use this service just download the dedicated app (iOS and Android) from verso.it.

For the guests in the theatre

TedxVicenza translates in innovative ideas. This year, in fact, all guests in the theatre will be able to listen to the talk in their language (Italian or English) without having to get headphones at the check-in but by simply utilizing their smartphone and personal headphones, so please BYOD (bring your own device).

It’s easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Download the app Converso TEDxVicenza;
  2.  Before arriving at the theatre, make sure to bring your headphones;
  3. When you want to listen to the translation, open the app, connect to the wifi Verso_TEDxVicenza, wear your headphones and you are all set!

In the minutes preceding the beginning of a talk, on the languages channels there will be music playing, to allow you to verify that the app is working correctly and to adjust the volume.


N.B. If you select the language and you don’t hear any music, please look for a staff member to assist you.

Live Streaming

TedxVicenza means sharing innovative ideas. Who will be following us from home will also be able to listen to the talks in their language. It doesn’t matter if you are in Vicenza or Sydney, the translation in Italian or English will be available worldwide.

Piece of cake:

  1. Download the app Converso TEDxVicenza; and insert on the main page of the app the code 201806;
  2. Wear your headphones;
  3. Connect to the TEDxVicenza Facebook page to follow the live streaming and you are set!
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