From ME to WE, the theme chosen for the 2018 edition of TEDxVicenza, changes the consonants of the future by transforming one in many, opening our eyes, paving the way meant to be walked on by a community, not by just one person.

After Paola Maugeri, Neri Marcorè and Giovanni Vernia, we are excited to announce who will be hosting the event this year: the hostess of this new edition is Jessica Polsky, which will have a co-host, Daniele Doesn’t Matter.

Get to know them a little bit better here.


Jessica arrives in Italy as an acclaimed performer in some of the biggest Broadway musicals: from the most important theaters in NYC to the rest of the world. She has two degrees with honors: one in Performing Arts, the other in Italian, and let’s not forget her diploma in Italian from the Dante Alighieri Language Center, in Firenze. This allowed her to start her career on the small screens as well as on the big screens of the Country. In Italy, in fact, she is known for her successful TV projects, including: Camera Café (Italia1), Piloti (Rai), Finalmente a casa (Canale5), Così fan tutte (Italia1), Quelli dell’intervallo (Disney), Volo in diretta with Fabio Volo (Rai), for hosting shows like: Festivalbar (Italia1), Robbie Williams live from Berlin (Italia1), Sputnik (Italia1), Masters of Magic (Rai), and as judge for important talent shows like iCrew (Mediaset).

Between her TV and cinematographic commitments, she also lands the leading role in important theatre productions and “behind the scenes” roles inside the production and creation of different projects in all areas of the show business. She was also awarded by Napolitano, the President of the Republic, as cultural ambassador, for her contribution to establish a closer relationship between Italy and the United States through her work.

Alongside her Italian career, Jessica is also involved in important projects in the US, including: the biopic Manhattan Madame, on Lifetime Network, where she plays the leading role of “Kristin Davis”, and the world premiere of the show Ghost Wife Radio Off-Broadway in NYC, playing the leading role. Recently she finished filming for the movie Ulysses, by Federico Alotto, where she co-stars with Danny Glover, Udo Kier, and the singer Skin. The movie will be distributed worldwide and will be coming soon to the Italian movie theaters.


Daniele Selvitella is one of the most famous Italian creator, thanks to his YouTube channel that counts more than one million subscribers.

Although videos are his main form of expression (in 2011 he was part of the cast of the Chiambretti’s MuzikShow and in 2014 he hosted #DDMRemix on Hip Hop TV), through the years he discovered his second passion: the radio. In 2012 he starts his own program: “KissKissenefrega” on Radio Kiss Kiss. In 2015 he hosts “Daniele Doesn’t Matter LIVE”, live streaming once a week on In 2016 he lands a daily section on RDS dedicated to new technologies and the latest news on the web.

Daniele also wrote two books: “How to become famous while sitting comfortably in an armchair” (“Come diventare famosi stando comodamente seduti in poltrona”, Mondadori 2013) and the novel “And Goodnight. Story of a sleepless guy” (“E Buonanotte. Storia del ragazzo senza sonno”, Mondadori 2017).