The Speakers of TEDxVicenza 2018

From ME to WE: the 4th edition of TEDxVicenza

The world is made of ideas.

Ideas change our lives, fill us with passion, open the doors to newpossibilities. We are made of ideas: ours, and the ones of those around us. Ideas make us feel alive, giveus the power to ignite small, big cultural revolutions towards unexplored paths. But an idea isn’t worthanything if it isn’t shared. An idea can’t be implemented if not by a group, a team. This is why shifting the focus from one to many is a challenge that is important and essential. In fact, it’s so much more: it’s a necessity.


Sometimes a small detail can make all the difference, rerouting fate on a new, magic journey. Even one letter can change everything. From ME to WE changes the consonants of the future by transforming one in many, opening our eyes, paving the way meant to be walked on by a community, not by just one person. From ME to WE, the 4th edition of TEDxVicenza, doesn’t want to just show a vision of change. It wants to make change happen.


New in 2018: the 2018 edition will evolve and innovate through other events throughout the year that will involve partners, speakers, ex speakers and the whole community of TEDxVicenza.

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